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Sona by BeautifullyDarkened
I love Steven Universe and i have made my sona <3 

She's an Emerald Gem.
Arden Mauser by BeautifullyDarkened
Arden Mauser

Name: Arden Kayleigh Mauser

Pokemon: Serperior

Birthday: December 10th

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual Biromantic

Status: Single

Faction: None


Ability: Contrary

Leaf Blade (launched with her tail)

Iron Tail (launched with her tail)

Aqua Tail (launched with her tail)

Aerial Ace (launched with hands)

Battle Stats:
Attack: 2 stars
Defense: 2 stars
Speed: 4 stars
Sp. Attack: 3 stars
Sp. Defense: 2.5 stars

Occupation: Police officer

Town of Residence : Central Pokia

Height: 5'4"


Personality: Justice-Seeking || Honest || Friendly|| Hot-headed (At work)||Outspoken||Distrusting|| Social || Intelligent || Romantic || Lazy || Cautious ||  Jaded || self-doubting

Arden is friendly and social and often likes to hang out with friends and have a good time, she's often a good ear to vent on and get advice from. Arden is Honest and tells it like it is, she hates lying as she feels it gives people false feelings and rather have them know what's up, which leads her to be Outspoken and will stand up for what she thinks is right. She has the tendency to be rather jaded and leaves her vulnerable to be somewhat Hot-headed at work and Distrusting in general. 
Arden is advice so very smart and loves to learn more and have smart discussions.  She's also somewhat lazy and prefers to take it easy but she knows when she needs to work and work hard.  She's a romantic at heart she loves the romance side of relationships and yearns for her own. She's also cautious and self doubting always thinking she's not doing well and needs to be careful. 

History: Born to a Serperior mother and an Meowstic father, and the youngest of three, She would not stay too long after her birth, taken away along with her sister and brother into foster care, their parents deemed unfit to keep them, which her mother fought for them but was denied and forced to sign over her parental rights of her children, During her childhood she was never separated from her brother although her sister was separated when Arden was 3.

Despite that, she grew up in loving foster homes, Her carers loving all the children than came and went. The first few homes were uneventful, her brother and her bonded so close with each other despite being 3 years apart.

In her fourth home, she was about 8 years old and one of the older boys would peek on her while she bathed or changed, totally freaked out by this she never told anyone, as the boy would leave in about six months and she never gained the courage to tell the caregiver.

in her fifth home she's about 10 years old and trying to find what she likes and dislikes, when she saw two teenage boys fighting with the foster father was a coach. walking up to the father she asked if she could battle or learn how to, he agreed and for the year or so she was in this home, she learned all the basics and had a lot of fun doing it.

in her sixth home, she was reunited with her sister but the meeting wasn't welcome and her sister and her didn't bond too well. however, also during this time Law and it's enforcement caught her attention and began to look up at the officer that was at her school.

She would change homes one last time before being adopted by a middle aged Lucario and Floatzel couple  at 12 looking for older children after losing thier daughter to illness.  Both her and her brother changed their last name to Mauser following the adoption hearing.

She was happy to finally settle and  focus on school full time, as she started secondary school(7-12). She joined so many clubs but stayed mainly in QSA, Debate Club, battle club, poetry club and student counsel, she also took swim team. She also evolved into servine in the 8th grade and seemed to be adjusting easy. 

However, starting the ninth grade kicked up some unpleasant memories, the boy who  peeked on her back in foster care, transfered to her school and she felt like  something was dead wrong but without sufficient evidence to her feelings she was forced to let it go.*

This boy would get obsessed with Arden, following her in school and at home, steal personal items from her, send her letters, at first Arden had no Idea what to do,she felt trapped,  she was told not to tell by the boy but also would anyone believe a 15 year old girl that a boy was stalking her, so again she kept the letters in hopes that she'd get the courage to tell someone. 

A few months would pass when walking home, she was grabbed and dragged into a nearby alley as she thrashed about trying desperately get out of whoever this was grip. The boy smiled as he felt her up and talked about raunchy things, she stopped fighting and assault continued, he would partially undress her and that's when her used her tail that was freed after she submitted slapping a hard Leaf Blade across his chest and neck causing him to let her go in pain and she booked it

She would run and scream for help, not stopping or slowing down, before attracting a man and his wife in a vehicle,  who concerned for the girl urged Arden to get inside, Arden didn't give it a second thought as she got in and recanted what had happened. The couple would drive to the police department and didn't leave the girl for the time she dealt with police and met her parents and even after the report was filed stayed in his girls life

The man became somewhat of a mentor figure, he took her under his wing and trained her in battle and taught her things she reminded him of his own daughter and  treats her as such.

The boy would be jailed and Arden got some therapy to help heal the trauma, which helped quote a bit, enough to get her going again

Falling behind on school, she caught up and graduated at 17  and enrolled for the police academy for the following fall

During the summer of this year,  her brother would get addicted to Crack and would cause cause a rift between them two.

Also, she would meet for biological parents and while bonding well with her mother, couldn't connect with her fsther, even as far as stating he didn't even want her and her siblings, and to this day she refused to talk to him.

Shortly before her 18th birthday she evolved once more and began training at the academy and took it well and  after a few years she was certified and began working on the force

After her 19th birthday she moved out and moved into an apartment. 

Mother Serperior- ...haven't seen her in years
Father Meowstic- Burn in hell
Adopted Mother Lucario-I love this woman with all my heart
Adopted Father Floatzel- I love him,he's my father
Sister Servine- Meh, not close.
Brother Meowstic- Get clean, then maybe we can talk
Adopted Brother Buizel- we need to talk more
Ralphie King Staraptor(the man who saved her and helped out ) he's kinda a mentor to me, and I thank him and his wife
Lacey King Swellow (wife of Ralphie King) were in constant contact, we're like family

Extras: Her tail is about three feet long and is pretty heavy at about 20 pounds, so it's usually dragging behind her, unless she's running where It tends to coil up and allows her to book it.

For some odd reason she LOVES the smell of cleaners anything from air fresheners to floor cleaner, 

She chews her ice, she doesn't know why she likes it, but she does. 

Her gloves seems to be a habit she picked up from her adopted mother, and tends to wear them during work.

She's never dated, she's been on dates and been kissed, but has not had a relationship. 

so of course she's a virgin </s>

Suffers from persistent nightmares and some form of post trauma disorder (unofficial due to not being diagnosed with any such disorder) her stalker.

Has a pet Piplup named Polka-dot. 


Luna  by BeautifullyDarkened
Name: Luna
Species: Drifloon
Approx. Size: One foot two
Belongs to: Everlynn Flynn-Marshall Tohaku
Luna and Everlynn found each other after school, Luna was just hatched but got lost in the city,before winding up at the elementary school and clung to Ever and wouldn't leave her be so she resolved to adopt Luna.
Tohaku by BeautifullyDarkened

Just cause PI closed up and i need to rehome her 

 Everlynn Amelia Flynn

Nicknames: Any Shortening of her first name will do, but Prefers “Evy” remain in use only for close persons in her day to day life

Species: Shiny Slyveon

Age: 21

Birthday: November 17th 


Nature: Quiet

Characteristic: Likes to Run


Height: 5 foot 4

Weight: 140lbs


Gender: Female

Sex:  Female


Relationship Status: Dating (being discussed with InfernoNick)

Sexuality: Heteroromantic + Sexual

Job: Still a Student not sure what she wants to do (Either being a Cop, Psych Nurse or Addictions Counsellor)


Level: 25

Ability: Cute Charm


Move set:

Psyshock (Technical Machine)

Bite (Prior Evo)

Draining Kiss (Level 20)

Swift (Level 15)


Personality: Disciplined| Calm| Quiet| Caring| Social| Tendency to Worry | Insecure| Cautious| Intelligent| Private| Moody| Self-indulgent

 Everlynn is quiet and calm under most situations, and it shows with her somewhat cool demeanor. Ever hates to show herself cracking under pressure, which is somewhat hard for her to crack over years of purposely putting herself in stressful situations.

Everlynn is a much disciplined as a person, not bending to her wills or temptation when she has things to do, she however is not very disciplined when it comes to food and is often very self-indulgent

She is open-minded and caring to those she meets and just simply desires to get along with them, although she knows full well you can’t get along everyone, Ever loves to be around people making her very social but also likes her alone time.

Ever tends to over worry however, this has diminished over the years as her life has stabilized as has learnt to loosen up about things that happen

Everlynn is very insecure about her abilities, intelligence and looks which leads her to be over cautious with people and can appear shy.

Ever is very intelligent, as both her parents were but takes more of her father’s book smarts than her mother street smarts, and is always looking to gain more with the help of books and school.

Ever isn’t one to tell you if anything is bothering her or anything of her past unless you are close to her, she feels like being private with her emotions and feelings protect her and those really wanting to get to know her will take the effort to “break” her.

Ever tends to have mood swings while mild and infrequent, are noticeable and are a by-product of her keeping so much of herself locked up, and it’s seeping from her.


Born into poverty of an escort mother who was addicted to the lifestyle after a brief struggle with alcohol addiction.  (See other) and a young businessman, Carrie kept her pregnancy a secret for the most part and the child was healthy at 8 pounds and 20 inches, Carrie tried her best to care for the child while addled with her vices

Her parents would step in and help her out unable to see their child struggle so much, they offered help on the condition that Carrie tried to get help for her addiction. 

Although not going into rehabilitation for her addiction of sex work until Everlynn was 3 years old, she did try many of times to stop on her own.

Everlynn was raised by her mother's family not just by her grandparents, creating a sense of family morale in the young girl. Yes, her mother wasn't a saint, but that wasn't a reason to turn her back because a family sticks by each other.

Everlynn would grow into a social, intelligent, and bubbly little girl, who loved to read and play with her friends, and which she had quite a few she played with often.

 One day when Ever was  6 a lone drifloon would keep close to the girl and befriend her to the point where Ever took her home and asked her grandfather to keep it which he did allow and she was called "Luna" after being  a ghost type. Everlynn would spend most of her time reading with Luna afterwards the Pokémon absolutely became Ever's best friend.

Ever was seven years old when her mother moved to Unova with her brother Aaron and Sister Flora to give the two some place of their own to establish themselves, just before the summer break.

She would meet Drakko Ronegard a native to Unova and a year older than her, and befriended him and became very quick friends.

Soon the Eevee would begin school and she took it well, often spending her time learning all she can about certain things, she had a hard time socializing but she didn't let it get her down.

Shortly before her eighth birthday, Everlynn had expressed interest in learning to dance, Ballet and Tap in particular,  so Flora enrolled her in a school for dance as a birthday present 

When Everlynn was ten she started to face some bullying over being a bit bigger than other girls, being shiny and the like, and Everlynn learnt to keep to herself when teachers blew her off, she grew a distrust of teachers and school and it began to show

When Everlynn was 12 her mother met a man named Cole Marshall, who she immediately loved and clung to and he stuck around despite Carrie's fears.

She would graduate the dance school shortly after her 14th birthday. 

The bullying  worsened for her as she entered middle school, girls relentlessly picked on her for not being as developed or as feminine as they thought she should be, plunging her into a depression that made her very bitter and cruel, she continued to let the verbal beatings happen until 10th grade when she physically got into a fight with one of the biggest girls that bullied her, she got a suspension that day (For a few days) and was forced to tell her parents what was really going on and to her mother's shock and guilt for not noticing her daughters pain, She fought tooth and nail for justice for her daughters torment  and her tormentors got punished.

Also, during Ever's Sophomore year, She and Drakko would begin dating. 

At 16 she decided she needed to evolve into something, but had no idea which evolution she should choose until she heard of the Fairy Evolution Sylveon and jumped on it as soon as possible, soon evolving into the Fairy Type.

She would graduate with high grades and get into the university she had chosen, to which her grandfather gave her the TM Psyshock for her efforts, also around this time Kaden her baby brother was born.

She moved to Tohaku to attend the college she applied for, she settled in the city of Daigakkou.

Now completing her Third year at Uni, she is due to graduate sometime next year in Psych and a few related minors





Psyshock was a gift from her grandfather when she got into the college.

The ribbon around her neck is painful to remove and often makes Everlynn weak afterwards, this ribbon is the link to her use of both ribbons.

Everlynn's soft spot is her mother, she is still sensitive over her past and being an accident.… (you can indeed get addiction to sex work)

While she can sing and act, these are taught art forms and aren’t as strong as someone with the innate ability to do those things, these were taught on the principle of allowing her to be hired for plays and such much easier

Medical Notes:

Everlynn is Nearsighted, has a hard time seeing without corrective wear and has two pairs of glasses and a pair of contacts.

Everlynn is considered a touch overweight, it’s not a concern

Everlynn's Ribbons are connected to her nervous system, and take a lot of energy to control



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Hey everyone im Savannah and i love art and wirting but due to a major writers block I draw :)

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