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Marie by BeautifullyDarkened Marie by BeautifullyDarkened
Name:Marcella "Marie" Grace
Pokemon: Azumarill
Age: 34
Level: 44
Job: English teacher/Social Worker
Ability:Think Fat (Halves Ice and Fire moves)
Characteristic: often scatters things
Moveset: Superpower,Hail,Surf and Ice beam

Posessions: Ipod,Ballet flats,Books on Child abuse,Suicide, Prevention,Child care and Dating,Blankets,Pocket knife,Ribbons

Personality: Marcella tend to be a pushover to students and teachers in normal termd,but battle changes her into a methodica and agressive person. She tends to use pet names for students.when she cant remember their name,it is a sign of her happiness and sweetness

Backstory: Marcella Was a happy child growing up she wasn't the child to get upset over many things and was a peacemaker by her nature she didn't like fighting and that was a center of her life stopping fights and learning behavior,that set her learning to become a Social worker but she was too shy at first.Then she met her best friends a Shinx, Eevee, Starly and Luvdisc she had become more social through out Junior and High school and had become more outspoken to become anything she wanted to be but she had her heart set on becoming a Social worker.She met her current husband but married a few more times, in high school and that further boosted her confidence but it kinda went wayward focusing on teaching as well so She took moth in college but she wanted to mainly get her degree to do social working...She is able to teach as well as any other teacher.

Her Children follow as such
Raine and Markus- Marill and Azumarril (19) (From a teen pregnancy with a Marill)
Demi Snivy (11) (First marriage with Nile)
Zoe-Marill(7) (First)
Marcy-Litwick(5) (Second with Steven)
Quincy- Lapras (7 months) (Current)
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