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Pi-Lacey the Espurr by BeautifullyDarkened Pi-Lacey the Espurr by BeautifullyDarkened

**Warning this User has NOTHING against Transgender Folks,It just helped with the story**

Name: Lacey Marcia Dougherty 

Nickname: L,Lace,Marcia,Lazy,Cadence   

Age: 20  

Zodiac Sign: Pieces   

Nature: Relaxed  

Ability: Own Tempo- She can't get confused   

Characteristic: Often Dozes Off 



:iconpsychictypeplz: Psyshock- Lacey materializes an odd psychic wave in her hands to attack her opponent . This attack does physical damage.

:icondarktypeplz:Dark Pulse- Lacey releases a horrible aura imbued with dark thoughts from her ears It may also make opponent flinch.

:iconfairytypeplz: Dis alarming voice-Lacey Lets out a charming cry, Lacey does emotional damage to opposing Fighter. 

:icongrasstypeplz: Energy Ball- Lacey draws power from nature and fires it at the Fighter. It may also lower the Fighters Sp. Def.  

Sexuality: Bi-Male Preference (Two on the Kinsey scale)  

Status: Single  

Personality: Lacey is very relaxed,to the point of being Aloof,She really doesn't care too much about peoples opinions on her that are negative and only cares slightly if positive,and only really cares for romantic or Family feedback on herself. 

She's also not very excitable she thinks getting excited about anything isn't worth the energy. She's also one to be passive not really finding the effort to get upset over people being jerks,but she also finds enjoyment if her attitude annoys her foe. 

She's also very calm to the point it's creepy or Extreme.  

She's a sleepy person too. 

She only will talk with you if you appear friendly. 

The talk of family depresses her,so she stays away from the topic. 

She loves to talk about Cooking and Subjects she's knowledgeable in. 

Also she's a go with the flow type,Sure she'll make a suggestion,but doesn't care what she does.   

Battles are a dance with her,She's not one to give it all she's got in one go. 

She's hard to get to be serious or to take something seriously

She's a bit difficult to get to cooperate with ANYONE.

She doesn't really notice when people are upset or angry at her. 

She's really easy to stress out or panic,but tries to keep in underwraps

Same with her emotions,She's actually very easy to hurt or upset,but she doesn't like showing it

She's a little slow sometimes.

But in short she's the literal impression of "Little to No Fuck Given" 


Lacey was born into a blended family,her parents having kids before meeting. 

Her mother,a Meowstic having 4 kids Having a Lucario son,Arcanine daughter an Meowstic daughter and Herdier son. 

Her father,A lopunny had three children before meeting her mother
An adopted Zwellious son,an Duosion transgender son (FtM) and an Buneary Daughter. 

Money was always tight,so their parents and when the older children were old enough bought lottery tickets and scratch cards,they won a few times,but not the jackpot,the most won was 1000 dollars,which was eaten up rather quickly.

During this time little Lacey was often worried about not being able to eat or sleep in a warm bed at night,Even when her parents told her not to worry,she worried. She found peace in the family pet who was a Piplup,They grew close over the years,her bond with the penguin grew strong and they often battled,when They grew to evolve she fought it,she didn't want to evolve so she fought the process,and continued with each level gain. 

at 6 she found her love of learning,She never wanted to socialize in elementary school just read and read and read. 

At 8 she found her love of cooking,often helping the lunch lady make lunch for school.

At 10 her parents luck turned around,They won a jackpot which was 15 Million,But it wasn't the fix they needed,Their parents became blinded by the money,And quit supporting Lacey's Talents and focused on her Transgender brother because now they had the money to fund the surgeries and she didn't like that,She didn't like just being ignored,she loved her brother,and wanted him to be happy with his body so she began not to care,and just skimmed by.

But,it could only last so long she began to get teary eyed and emotional,she only let Draco the Empoleon and Holly the Sligoo see her cry.

She couldn't tell her parents she didn't  like the way the money changed the family,but she sadly needed to get it out. 

But she wouldn't let the anger,Stress and Sadness out still she was 13 when she beat a student to a Bloodied (Like broken nose and bleeding mouth) degree, when he started to make fun of her and he would not cease.

Her parents were Disappointed in their daughter,that's when she told them in an explosion of Tears,Swearing,Insults, Which at the end of the day caused Lacey to run away from home.

She ran to a friends home in Santalune City,to which her friends parents brought her in,This lasted two years,Then her mother finding her and dragging her back.

She didn't like being forced back home so she thought if she was safe with someone,Her mother would leave her alone. 

But she simply left this time,No note,No good byes, Just packed up and walked into Unova.

She had turned 15 at that time,and had still refused to evolve.

She found her aunt,And She took her in,and groomed,Clothed and fed the Espurr on the condition she attend school and her fighting club.

Which she did,No problems mother didn't visit nor his father,She didn't care,In fact she adopted that attitude rather quickly. 

She pretended they didn't exist.

At 18 she got caught up on the schooling she lost.

She needed to go to complete high school and go to college,But where?

After some digging about she found the Institute and waited for enrolments 

She approached her aunt about the school,and hoped that she could go.

Her aunt, At first wasn't sold,but she told her that she could visit when she wanted to (not knowing about family day) 

She agreed and paid the first year and she packed up and left. 

Other: Despite her delayed schooling,she is very smart

She doesn't want to see her family ever again

Despite her love for cooking she can also sing very well.

On her times on the streets she's learned to survive on little or nothing.

There is a way to get Lacey to anger or show emotion when she doesn't want to,but it's unknown.

She may or may not have a Disorder on the Autism Spectrum,She's never been tested or diagnosed.

Her IQ is 135 

She doesn't like being touched without consent,although Touching her ears will earn you a punch in the stomach. 

She's 5'3''

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