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8 months after Prentiss's death,

The team had changed a lot since a painful death of Emily Prentiss

Hotchner was more lenient with the members

Morgan wasn't a thrilled when they had solved the case

Reid got quieter and no longer went off talking about the case at hand

Rossi never felt the same after not helping Prentiss out,

Seaver requested a transfer soon after Prentiss's death

Penelope never used the playful banter

But a new team member was coming in the replace Seaver due they never felt right replacing Prentiss.

Today it's the first day of the new team member named Sarah Thompson was coming in today.

Knock knock went the door and Hotchner answered the door and said "Are you the new team member replacing Seaver?" he asked "Yes, I'm Sarah Thompson!" she said shaking his hand firm but gentle her green eyes studying him. "Can I meet my coworkers?" she asked her black hair bouncing up and down "Sure," hotch said. As they walked to the briefing room she sat between Reid and Penelope. "

"So today we are investigating a large mass of deaths every Friday in Philadelphia " Penelope said, bringing up to forty people's photos that were found dead. "All killed the same way, I see beaten, strangled and the women raped and tortured." Said Sarah. "Starved and poisoned too." Rossi pointed out reading the M.E report. "Could be a ritual!" Reid said. "Well it's going to be an very odd case" said Morgan

On the jet...

"I want you to meet Sarah Thompson!" Hotchner said.

"She's replacing seaver" The others breathed a sigh of relief as Prentiss was too soon to be replaced.

"So let's split into teams.." Hotchner started.

"Thompson, Reid I want you to head to the coroner's Office see if you to, can gather information," He said knowing that Sarah was very observant, maybe she could show her skills,

"Morgan, head to the dump sites" Hotch said. "sure" Morgan replied.

"Rossi interview the victims see if they are connected." Hotch ordered.

"Garcia same order" he said.

"and i will get set up in the police office." he said
After about four years of Prentiss left the BAU she is found and brought back to the USA will she be welcomed back in open arms or c losed fists? couples: Reidxoc HotchxPrentiss Garicaxmorgan Comment please
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April 1, 2011
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